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Drop In

The office is open Mon-Fri, 9:30am – 4pm. We like nothing better than to see people, both old and new faces. Visitors are warmly welcomed to drop in for a chat and a coffee. There is an extensive library of current HIV/AIDS material: audio tapes, magazines and journals, etc. including access to internet, phone and fax.

One to One Contact

People often prefer one to one contact with another positive straight woman or man. This can happen without visiting the office, particularly for an initial contact with Straight Arrows. We are always happy to share a cuppa somewhere convenient away from the office, or simply to talk over the phone – anonymously if required. One of our HIV+ members is employed part time for outreach, including hospital and home visits.

Family Support

We recognise the importance of family, and the needs of children. Straight Arrows employs a part-time family support worker to assist partners and children in dealing with the issues surrounding HIV in a family. Many of our activities are family friendly, and children are welcome in our office.

Financial Assistance

Straight Arrows recognises that at times the expense of living with HIV can sometimes exceed available finances. We are therefore able to offer limited financial assistance to deal with these situations. We also recognise that this is often an immediate need and we can usually offer this assistance on the spot.

Links to Other Services

Arrows can assist, facilitate, and/or advocate on your behalf for access to other services including legal, housing, financial and Centrelink.

Office Resources

Straight Arrows can provide members with access to Internet, Word processing computers, printers, fax and phone for re-skilling and self-help. We can also provide assistance with a resume, letter of application, etc.

A Voice

Straight Arrows is a recognised member of the HIV/AIDS community. We are a member of the peak national body for people hiving with HIV/AIDS, NAPWA, and have links with other key organisations including a Board of Management membership of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) Vic. Some members are also involved with other PLWHA groups. Arrows encourages members who have an interest to become active in these organisations, such as the PLWHA speakers bureau, where interested members can participate in talks to schools and community groups. This can provide members with some supplementary income as well as a recognised boost to self esteem.


Straight Arrows recognises the need for social interaction in a friendly environment. We run a variety of activities including BBQs, camps and film nights for members, partners and families.


Straight Arrows is open to all people living with HIV who identify as heterosexual or who are a parent, regardless of means of infection, age, background or other affiliation. We believe our membership encompasses most methods of infection, however we do not ask anyone to disclose how they believe they were infected.

Members have diverse cultural backgrounds. Some members are married, others are in relationships. Some are single. Some are parents and we deal with children ranging from toddlers through primary and secondary school age to adults. We ask that everyone within Straight Arrows respects this diversity.

Mutual confidentiality, yours and ours, is a condition of membership. You can join Straight Arrows here.


Gifts of $2.00 or more to Straight Arrows are tax deductable!
Straight Arrows Inc.
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