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Below are some useful links that we at Straight Arrows think you may find helpful. Please click the links to go to each respective site.

Access Information Centre At The Alfred

Provides up-to-date links to a range of useful HIV web sites. Use the HIV page instead of bookmarking all the sites! Includes an information request button for those who prefer to get information over the Net or who would rather be anonymous. Send your question and Gill Syres, the Centre’s Health Educator, will reply via email.

AFAO (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations)

If you have missed your copy of HIV Herald, back copies can be found on this web site. The latest AFAO treatments brochures are also here.

aidsmap/NAM (UK)

There’s all sorts of useful things on this web site. The information is very up-to-date and you can usually find fact sheets on any treatment or infection (use the search button). Some information can be a bit technical. It has a personal pill planner to help you think through treatment options. It also has the latest news on treatment issues such as lipodystrophy.

(Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange, Canada)

This web site has a range of fact sheets on treatments and infections. They are relatively short (1–2 pages) and well-researched. They have also produced some Plain and simple sheets on treatments, which are exactly what they claim to be.

Project Inform (USA)

For detailed fact sheets on treatments and infections. It’s easy to find information on this site. The fact sheets are prepared by treatment activists and walk you through all of the issues to consider when thinking about going on treatments – or when you wonder what is happening to you. Fact sheets are based on current clinical trials. They are usually fairly detailed and can be a bit technical at times.

The Body (USA)

A very popular web site and full of little treasures. Many people find the Ask the experts section to be very helpful – you can send your own question to the specialists at The Body or just read other people’s questions and answers in the Q & A Forums. It has links to magazines like POZ in the Finding and getting help section. There are also a whole assortment of fact sheets etc linked under various subjects.

Your Body Blueprint


For HIV and healthy living, this site has been designed to provide accessible, clear information to assist you to make informed decisions on how you can lead healthier lives.


Hepatitis C Treatment and Prevention page

This page has a long list of links to various fact sheets on the basics, treatments and prevention.

HIV & Hepatitis C Coinfection

Information Packet + personal stories


National AIDS Manual, UK web site

Use their Search box on the home page to search for hepatitis C and you will get a variety of fact sheets and treatments reports.




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