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The topic of HIV and all things related often poses many questions. Many of these are too comprehensive to cover on this website. 

Straight Arrows resources provide comprehensive information about a range of interesting or relevant subjects.

  • Info Kit
    The Info Kit is a comprehensive guide to services, support, information and advice for people Living with or affected by HIV. Learn More
  • Stories
    'Journey's into the unknown' A digital Story Telling Project. These stories are stories from the heart. They are powerful life journeys of people living with HIV. Described as educational, emotional empowering and an amazing. Be sure to take a look. Learn More
  • Publications
    Please feel free to download these useful publications. If you are unable to download and/or print give us a call at the office and we can send them out to you. Learn More
  • Reports
    Our annual reports. Learn More
  • Research
    Downloadable research papers into Living Heterosexually with HIV. Learn More
  • Links
    Here are some useful links which you could use to gather more information. Learn More