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Straight Arrows and Living Positive Victoria have released a combined Business Plan for activities in the 2016-2017 financial year. The Business Plan is the first document to officially recognise the operational reality as both organisations look at merging into a single agency to better service the needs of all people living with HIV in Victoria in the coming year.

Business Plan 2016-2017 is structured around community feedback and participation focused on areas of growth and real needs in an increasingly diverse community of people living with HIV.

“We are confident that the needs of our members: women, heterosexual men and families are being met in our plan with Living Positive Victoria. In fact, through this partnership we are bringing more resources, services and choices to our members. Straight Arrows has been and will continue to make sure that our needs are being identified and clearly met through the process and delivery of this plan. We know that our members will keep us accountable to what is promised here,” says Wayne Hornsby, President, Straight Arrows.

“We’ve been strongly influenced by the four guiding principles of Prevention, Participation, Resilience and Recovery. Framing our programs, services and activities in this way makes them more relevant to our members and enables us to reflect on areas of improvement and growth” says Ian Muchamore, President, Living Positive Victoria. “The plan builds upon what we do best, creating partnerships for supporting change and ensuring the voices of people living with HIV are strong in the state of Victoria.”

Members of both agencies; members of the public; HIV, health and community sectors; potential funders and supporters are encouraged to access the business plan on the Straight Arrows website.

Download a copy of the plan to find out more.

Business Plan for 2016-17

Business Plan for 2016-17

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